ICHAD Drug prevention education

The core element of this program is to train and prepare the teenagers for a more involved approach in dealing with substance use within their schools and communities. It is a multimedia, multifaceted drug education experience, designed to stimulate discussion in small-group or classroom settings. It is designed as a market basket of easily digestible facts that will get students talking and learning about the dangers of drug use and abuse. This program is implemented within the schools and vulnerable

The Switch

As children transit from childhood to adolescence, or from adolescence to adulthood there’s a need to design programs that help the young vulnerable and marginalized people navigate those phases swiftly and seamlessly.
The switch program uses sports/fun activities to teach resilience, time management, sound decision making and as much as possible reduce idle time for our young people for FREE. It empowers young people to think more positively, build connection and enable them to stay out of drugs and crime. Some of the activities we offer are;
– Taekwondo
– Football
– Dance
– Boxing
– Changing lives Community project.

Goals and Objectives
The goals of the Switch Program designed to promote physical and mental well-being as an alternative to drug use for teenagers and adults include:
– Promoting physical fitness through regular exercise and participation in sports activities.
– Building teamwork and leadership skills by engaging in group exercises and team sports.
– Improving mental health and well-being by reducing stress, increasing self-esteem and confidence, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
– Reducing the risk of drug use by providing positive alternatives and healthy lifestyle choices.

Identity Conference

Our goals and vision to promote a drug free society is hinged solely on identity. Young persons involved in drug and crime have not had a chance to learn about their talent and inherent abilities. The identity conference is designed to bring some of the brightest minds from different sector and sphere of influence to promote innovation, new thinking, and most importantly help participant effectively discover purpose through their identity. This program is designed and scheduled to hold at the
beginning of the year.

ICHAD Fellowship Program

This is a non-residential leadership and self-development program designed to provide young adult between the ages of 15-30 annually with skills, knowledge, and support to improve their leadership,
socioeconomic outcomes, and self-development. 

This program connects young leaders from across Africa who exhibit leadership potentials, entrepreneur mindset, affection for the growth and development of Africa, and evidence of selfless services within their communities. Core content of the fellowship will focus on leadership, innovation, politics and entrepreneurship. 

The program will include a monthly physical and virtual workshop to provide support and training for participants throughout the
program cycle. After graduation, the participants will be certified and named ICHAD FELLOWS.

ICHAD International Drug Conference

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.
This conference is organized to bring stakeholders from different industry together to discuss on the progress done and the Way forward in making our society drug free.