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Creating healthy alternatives to drug use and abuse

What we do

Our goals and vision to promote a drug free society is hinged solely on identity. Young persons involved in drug and crime have not had a chance to learn about their talent and inherent abilities. The identity conference is designed to bring some of the brightest minds from different sector and sphere of influence to promote innovation, new thinking, and most importantly help participant effectively discover purpose through their identity. This program is designed and scheduled to hold at the beginning of the year.

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.

This conference is organized to bring stakeholders from different industry together to discuss on the progress done and the Way froward in making our society drug free.

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The ICHAD School Of Skills (I-SOS) is designed and established to provide participants with training (employable skills) in an environment that prepares them both mentally and physically to make a living from their chosen career path. We provide a real-world educational experience to prepare students for their work life.

I-SOS is an arm of the ICHAD Foundation that’s responsible for providing relevant on-demand skills that puts students on a level playing field with their peers globally. It offers an alternative for the young, marginalized and vulnerable student who cannot cope or lack the financial capacity to attend mainstream schools. One of the main priorities of I-SOS is to give every young person an opportunity to learn, connect with other learners and make them feel valued and develop a sense of belonging.

Our curriculum has a blend of both academic and more of technical training.

It is open for everyone from 15 years above

We have both in person and hybrid training tracks that covers Digital and Non-Digital skills.

Digital: Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Web and Applications Development, Project Management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Writing.

Non-Digital: Barbing, Fashion Designing, Hair Dressing, Plumbing, Nails and Beauty Technicians.

SWITCH is a program that uses sports/fun activities to teach resilience, time management, sound decision making and as much as possible reduce idle time for our young people for FREE. It empowers young people to think more positively, build connections and enable them to stay out of drugs and crime.

It features our PROJECT TAMANI in Kenya.

This focus on providing FREE mentorship and orientation for young and older adults and offering community support and inclusiveness to help navigate key aspects of lives.

Mentorship program that features Project Navigate, ICHAD Fellowship, ICHAD Ambassadorial Scheme, and ICHAD Club

Project Enable is a series of community development projects targeted at empowering young people between the ages of 14 and 30 who have been exposed to substance abuse and victims of rape. It focuses on two main societal problems;

– Substance Use and Abuse
– Rape
#ProjectEnable incorporates other ICHAD projects like the School of Skills, Switch, Drug Prevention Education, National Peer Education Leadership Scheme (NPELS), and Fellowship Program

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