About Us

We affect and effect attitudes, skills and behaviour on adolescents and young adults through programs that empowers them and helps them promote a lifestyle that discourage alcohol, substance use and abuse, thereby promoting development and leadership in them. Our programs are designed to help them navigate adolescence and become role models in their communities.

We create a safe environment that helps young people develop a sense of purpose, boost self-esteem, build skills for success, and be empowered to make the choice to lead a healthy and drug-free life.

The impact of our activities on the UN SDG are;

  • SDG 3: Strengthen the awareness and prevention of substance abuse
  • SDG 8: Substantially reduce the rate of unemployed youth that lack basic vocational training through our healthy alternative to drug approach.


Create healthy alternatives to substance use and abuse.


Utilize multi-disciplinary approach that discourage substance abuse among teens and young adult; improve their lives through programs and intervention that increase access to education, healthy living and sustainable incomes.

Our Approach

While our focus is to keep young people drug and alcohol free, we believe that the most effective way to do this is by addressing ROOT CAUSES which contribute to drug and alcohol use and abuse. Because of this we address many issues such as upbringing, childhood, parents, suicide, joblessness, depression, body image, education, addiction, healthy alternatives and community responsibility. Together, these efforts combine to provide a comprehensive, multifaceted approach aimed at building assets and resiliency, ultimately reducing overall drug and alcohol use.

Our Team

Okey Davids

Executive Director

Adesewa Adeoye

Specialist, Admin & HR

Oyetoro Bayo

Specialist, I-SOS (Research, Planning, Strategy & Design.)

Annmercy Waithera

Country Rep. ICHAD Kenya

John Ajayi

Social Media Manager

Felix Ogbonna

Program Officer

Israel Ibukun O.

Community Manager/Consultant

Advisory Board

Arthur Otoijamun G.

Chairperson, ICHAD Advisory Board

Tumi Lawal

Secretary, ICHAD Board

Gbenga Remi

Member, ICHAD Board.

Natalie Mukundane

Member, ICHAD Board

Chineneye Anaesiuba

Member, ICHAD Board