ICHAD Foundation

Creating healthy alternatives to drug use and abuse

Who we are

ICHAD Foundation is a Non Governmental
Organization that is passionate about
affecting and effecting change amongst young
people, by implementing programs and
initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle, and
shuns Substance Use and Abuse. 

We believe that creating a safe environment
for young people and adolescents will drive
the discover of purpose, boost self-esteem,
and empower these youths for a brighter

Our How

We are a people driven nonprofit organization, established to affect and effect attitudes, skills and behavior on teens and young adults through programs that empowers them, and helps them promote a lifestyle that discourage alcohol substance use and abuse. 

Thereby promoting development and leadership in them. Our programs are designed to help to them navigate adolescence and become role models in their communities.

Our Vision and Misson

Vision Statement:

To create healthy alternatives to drugs and substance abuse.

Mission Statement:

To Utilize multi-disciplinary approaches that discourage substance abuse among teens and
young adult; improve their lives through programs and intervention that increase access to
education, healthy living and sustainable incomes.


SDG 3:

Strengthen the awareness and prevention of substance and drug abuse in Africa and beyond.

SDG 4:

to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

SDG 8:

Substantially reduce the rate of unemployed youth that lack basic vocational training through our healthy alternative to drug approach.

We need you and your help

It’s impossible to help people without people helping others. We always need volunteer who love to help.

Lets make a change together!

Join us on our quest to change the world by impacting lifes and build positive youth and adult relationships.

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